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The Collection of Plaster Casts of Votive Tablets from Perast, Boka Kotorska

The collection of seafarers’ votive tablets contains plaster casts made in the 1960s from the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks near Perast, Boka Kotorska, in Montenegro.
Votive tablets were originally metal, most often of silver, and would cover the surfaces of the walls of the aisles and choir of the church; created from the 17th to the 19th century, they are evidence of practical folk piety at work.
They also testify to the seafaring avocations of the town of Perast; the most common motifs shown on the tablets are various kinds of ships on an agitated or stormy sea, with a figure of Madonna and Child, to whom the vow is made; in addition, they will show the people making the vow, kneeling, and there are also votive offerings with parts of the body. The visual and artistic quality is uneven, which tells of the diversity of vernacular and craft workshops.