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Collection of plaster casts of fragments of the immovable Croatian cultural heritage (9th to 15th century)

The permanent display of the Collection   shows 129 exhibits that are plaster copies of cultural and historical monuments from various parts of Croatia, in a temporal span ranging from the 9th to the 15th century.

Major works are shown, which have both cultural and historical (documentary) and artistic worth.

Pre-Romanesque art is represented in many fragments of roodscreens with inscriptions of Croatian kings and princes, plutei, ciboria and fonts of pre-Romanesque churches of the 9th to the 11th century.

As for monuments of Romanesque art, the door of Split Cathedral by Master Buvina (1214) and the portal of Trogir Cathedral by Master Radovan (1240) are particularly prominent.

The works of Bonino da Milano, Leonardo and Petar Petrović, Andrija Aleši and Niccolo di Giovanni represent Gothic and Renaissance art.

This presentation of such major works in a single place has highlighted the educational significance of the Collection, which can meet the requirements of general education, specialised studies and scholarly study.