Building I - 1st floor


The Medals and Plaques Collection

The holdings of the Medals and Plaques Collection contain on the whole the works of Croatian artists from the 19th century down to the present day.  As well as works in durable materials, the Collection holds plaster models for medals and plaques, some of which were never produced in their final form. Via the works Hermina Ferić, R. Frangeš-Mihanović, R. Valdec, I. Kerdić, I. Jeger, R. Spiegler, V. Radauš, Ž. Janeš, Z. Brkić, D. Mataušić and many others it is possible to track the development of Croatian medal making from a stylistic point of view (Impressionism, Realism, Naturalism) and according to the morphology involved. The Collection includes some rare sketches for coins (never struck) by Ivo Kerdić, and sketches for coins by other artists that have also never been used. 

The display shows 178 works by 44 artists.