Collection of plaster casts of fragments of the immovable Croatian cultural heritage (9th to 15th century)

Building II - Ground Floor - Room 4

1. Petar de Riboldis: Coronation of the Virgin
1433, altar of the Franciscan Church of St Mary the Great, Zadar,
plaster cast, HZ-753

2. Andrija Aleši: St Jerome in niche
15th century, Orsini Chapel, Cathedral of St Lawrence, Trogir,
plaster cast, HZ-883

3. Andrija Aleši: Coat of arms with angels
15th century, Radman House, Omiš,
plaster cast, HZ-882

4. Stoup / aspersorium
15th century, Radman House, Omiš,
plaster cast, HZ-881

5. Niccolo di Giovanni: St John the Baptist,
15th century, Baptistery of Cathedral of St Lawrence, Trogir
plaster cast, HZ-878

6. Niccolo di Giovanni: St Sebastian,
15th century, Church of St Sebastian, Trogir,
plaster cast, HZ-252

7. Ivan Duknović: Saint Mary Magdalene,
15th century, Franciscan Monastery at Drid, Čiovo by Trogir,
plaster cast, HZ Trogir-798